Wednesday, March 23, 2011

ICT Literacy for 2011

Web 2.0

I haven’t sent anything around for a long time so here’s some more stuff to think about.  Recently I sent a page around with things Andrew brainstormed for his class to use in ICT and learning. The links below take you to sites which list web2.0 tools you can use in your classroom:

Remember that if you find something you wish to use with your class, you can place a link or embed the site on your KnowledgeNet class site.


A great way to look at information in a way which makes sense. This one looks at video game statistics. 

or you can work out how much radiation you expose yourself to each day or night. Very topical.

A TED video with a novel way of presenting health information:


Music listening Infographic – The future of music

Quick Ideas

Ideas for using a digital camera in the classroom.

Using a Flip camera in the classroom.

Not much I can say about this one – it does resonate slightly with Monday’s staff meeting…..