Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Good video games

Last blog entry for the year. There are a number of links here which are worth a browse when you get a minute. I'll be reviewing some of this on staff day which is just around the corner (heh! heh!). This blog can be accessed via the school website under curriculum....

First, how about this for an early Christmas card?


Why clocks and watches in advertisements often read 10:10am????

Or check out MS Dewey - librarian of the future..... If you think Google is boring....

There's been an increasing amount of press recently on the positive use of computer games in learning. Read on!

NZ Listener article on computer games

This is a really well written article on video games and the positive learning principles contained in good games

Some more on using games

The internet is a great means of worldwide collaboration:

Flat World project Perhaps Year 10 - They have a shared assessment rubric Remember a collaboration between a class in Bangladesh and one in Georgia USA. Introductions from the pupils involved in the project

You'll find another collaboration here


How about passion based learning. This is really worth reading and thinking about.

Resize your digital photos online - cool tool:

How to understand your teenager. An introduction to Leet.

D0 j00Z U\D3r$74\D L337? 17'$ b3(0/\/\1\9 7-3 d14L3(7 0Ph 93\3r4710\ \37.

Translation: do you understand leet? it's becoming the dialect of generation net.

It's what your kids are using when texting and messaging......

Wikipedia Information on Leet

An example of a leet translator - impress your teenagers!

Here again is the link to the Time Magazine article on the future for schools