Thursday, October 11, 2007

Skype, Voicethread and useful links

Skype is a great tool for the classroom. Suddenly video conferencing, once a complicated, expensive process is within the reach of any computer user. It's as simple as using a telephone, except that with webcams involved you can see who you're talking to!

If you have friends or family overseas, commiunicate with them via Skype or consider using Skype with your class in Term 4

This story is worth revisiting - a school using Skype to communicate with a pupil who has leukemia

More Class skype advice:

If anyone wants to use Skype to communicate with a class overseas this term, Let me know!!!

Web Tool for Learning:

VoiceThread is a pretty cool and easy way to produce audio visual photo albums. I think there are a number of ways you could use it in the classroom.

What is a Voicethread?

In the classroom?? Mrs Buchanan

Or a PD presentation Jack's monster cards

The ministry of Education is publishing some guidelines on dyslexia. You can find them here:

Library Week is next week! This site has links to various activities designed to coincide with library week.

Interface is a New Zealand ICT magazine which you will be able to find in the staffroom. Lots of case studies, information and ideas for expanding the use of ICT in your class.
Interface free lesson plans!

Make your own online assessment rubrics. These sites have web based rubric makers on them plus some useful templates.
And lots more stuff on rubrics:

Comprehensive list of ICT related links from Western Australia. This site covers a wide range of areas with links to further information. Anything you wanted to know could be found here!

News Clips:

Second Life for 6 year olds:

Club Penguin : In August Disney paid $US350 million for Canada-based Club
Penguin, with a promise of $US350 million more if it meets its traffic targets.
Club Penguin says it has 10 million users, of whom 700,000 have managed to
persuade their parents to pay subscriptions of a few dollars a month so they can
use virtual money to buy clothes for their penguins and furniture to decorate
their igloos.
They can go waterskiing, hang out on the beach, play games or
work as waiters in the pizzeria.

Something for the classroom in 5 years? CONTEX Z450 3D printer