Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Term 3 Week 1

From Teacher Only Day Friday 25 July

Thanks for the session on Friday. I found it useful. There are a lot of things happening in education, and the website is an attempt to summarise some of them. I'll continue to edit the website with appropriate links and information.

I think it's important to remember that the key is the learning, not the tool. ELearning is all about using tools to support students learning, but what we should be focussing on is what our students are learning.

Also it's important to give more responsibility to students to make choices about how and what they learn and what tools the employ. A staff member made the comment to me at morning tea on Friday that we as teachers are too "top down" in what we want students to use as tools.

Give students the ownership..." Present your work in a way you think is appropriate" Provide options or at times, make it totally open ended.
David Warlick's blog about playing with Lego is a maybe a useful metaphor for this:

The other question is: Are we differentiating, encouraging risk taking, problem solving .. This is a part of the change which is disrupting (in a positive way) education. Don't expect to do what you've always done with the ICT tools of today and tomorrow....Look for new ways of doing things and empower your students to do the same.

For the record:  tablets = Android and IPads

Finally, in the interests of information/misinformation management I've corrected some of the comments  which were made on Friday.

Slide Shows
Slideshows are actually very straightforward on a tablet:

Quickoffice on ipad and android allows easy creation of PowerPoint slide shows. Insert text and/or images, notes.

Slideshare app for android allows creation of online slide shows.

Prezi is a non linear slide show and is as easy to use with the tablet app as it is with a desktop.

Keynote is a native iOS app for ipad for creating slide shows.

Haiku Deck is web based or iOS for Ipad and great for creating presentations

Boys with Android tablets can use the Google Slides app as well.
Talk about spoiled for choice!

Web Page Creation
Using Google Chrome on a tablet to create websites is very straightforward with Google Sites. Set up columns, insert text, images and videos, add pages etc.
Just remember you are working on a small screen.

Drive Docs App:
Simpler version of the google docs full web browser tool. Do the writing with this, check via Teacher Dashboard. Will allow font type, colour and size changes, justification, bullet points, indents. Works offline. .....Android App allows creation of tables and has spell check. Insert images using a browser on desktop view

Quickoffice App
Google app for creating and editing office documents. Allows similar edit tools as docs app plus track changes. Integrates with Google Drive. Works offline. Real time spelling prompts. This app is in the process of being merged into the Docs, Sheets and Slides apps.

Great writing tool. App on ipad and android tablets. Would be a great tool for writers notebook type regular writing tasks. Basic writing tool with the ability to easily add images. Integrates with teacher dashboard. Works offline

-Created and formatted with tablet Docs App(apart from images)