Tuesday, March 09, 2010

ICT March 2010

Beyond Google

This pdf has some ideas which will help you and your children move beyond the first 2 pages of Google search results. Help children make sense of the answers they are getting for their questions.


I also try to encourage children to use the tools on our search page. If they are prepared to do some thinking about where the best place is to search for information before they actually go to Google the results will be much better:


Michelle C sent me this site which I have been using with younger classes for Internet Safety.


Called Think U Know it also includes links to the very good New Zealand based internet safety site called Hector’s World. There are links to this site on our main page.


Did You Know 4.0. This is an update (Sept 2009) on the earlier versions. Worth looking at and thinking about the ramifications for us and the children we teach.

Now some websites for you.

For the Smartboard:

TES has a whole heap of free resources:



And a couple of videos that are relevant to what is happening in schools today. The first one is Mark Treadwell who Steve and I heard last year. Mark describes the renaissance of the 14th-16th centuries and makes comparisons with the changing learning landscape of the 21st century.

Other videos relating to education and learning with a New Zealand focus are at EdTalks:


Finally, Don’t forget ICT PD Day on Wednesday (24th). I’ll be working extensively on Knowledgenet today but if there are other things you want to deal with there should be time for that as well.