Monday, August 18, 2014

More Links

Here are some interesting links which I’ve come across in the last little while:

Dragon Dictation is a free app for Ipads and iphones which will let students ( or you) dictate. It does a pretty impressive job of recording what you say accurately, and the end result can be copied and pasted into Google Docs. Well worth a try, particularly for boys who struggle to write. Did I mention that it’s free?

If you saw the Seven Sharp piece on Hobsonville Point School, and wondered how they are making things work, here is some more detail which provides more background

Try Google mapmaker – add detail to Google maps – Camps etc?

Speaking of Maps – Have a look at Animaps –

14 Year olds detailed Minecraft replica of Rotorua Museum:

George Couros – 8 things to look for in Today’s classroom.  @gcouros

The best Web 2.0 Applications for Education. From Larry Ferlazzo @Larryferlazzo

Historical paintings if digital devices were around then…….

Think I need one of these: