Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Is Blogging like Jazz?

Is blogging like jazz? Hmm, not sure but here's someone who thinks it is:

With production week upon us, here is a Kiwiana icon - Hammond Gamble -he's been around almost as long as Bob Dylan and his new album is definitely worth a listen to.
Excerpt from Midnight
His website:

We talk a lot about Information Literacy. I'm not overly comfortable with the term (I think I prefer a term like information management?) Wikipedia has a page on it.

Looking for information requires a lot more then simply generating a quick couple of keywords. And it involves more than just heading to Google! The process involves a more thoughtful and discriminating use of information sources. (Try the Wellesley Search Pages or the Quick Search page.) There a any number of information management tools here which can help to focus a search.
They also need to have the ability to interrogate the information source, ensure the information answers the questions they are asking and be patient enough to verify the information.

An Information checklist for kids is below. It is a bit naive asking if the information is biased - isn't it always, and should they apply this list to all information sources? The idea is good though, and worth a look.

Websites for this week: Use of ICT in Mathematics. Music learning site - Learn about sound, music notation, text, and instruments in a fun, interactive exploration of musical repertoire. Although designed primarily for those aged 6-12, these engaging games allow both kids and adults to experience great music while learning music concepts in a stimulating environment.

And, finally Air new Zealand's daily specials page. New domestic destinations every day with some very cheap fares:

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Anonymous said...

At one point in time I had a choir-boy's grasp of musical concepts and parents who played classical music on Sunday to wake us up for church. Jazz is where I am at now and I know enough to know I don't know enough about the underlying structure of the music. Maybe it is the point and counterpoint of the Blog conversation that resonates with jazz in people's mind. I'm finding the process more like stream of consciousness... but the reality is we are all composing and structuring in unique ways. It is a babbel at times and it would be fascinating to study the underlying structure of it all. It is of course simply dialogue (though there are times I feel like a muted horn playing a riff on a crowded street as the crowds pass by lost in their own thoughts). we will find that we are in reality involved in some vast self-correcting Wikispace with less articulated rules.