Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Web 3.0 and other stuff

Have a look at the picture above. What do you think it is?

This week's blog is titled Web 3.0 although most of us are still grappling with Web 2.0. I will be doing some intensive sessions on blogs in and out of the classroom in January; but meanwhile have a look at the article on Web 3.0 below.

CNN picked up on the news article that NZ students be allowed to use txt speak in NCEA exams. What do you think?

Another take on young'uns He's talking about young people and newspapers, but he could be talking about young people and education.

So Web2.0 is all about Blogs Pods and Wikis and reading and writing - what's Web 3.0? This article suggests it's where the web gets smart. No more sifting through 10 million hits... A Web guided by Common Sense..

Do not be afraid! Needs to be read by any baby boomer feeling technologically challenged.

Social bookmarking. Everyone keeps their favourites, but if you want to share hyour bookmarks - you know - sharing caring web! - one site you can use is . Have a look. I have a Wellesley bookmark site here. If you want to share a site let me know. Another web 2.0 application really, and I can imagine a class having its own site for sharing bookmarks related to wotk being done.

Papers from the Future Schools online conference

I like this - original advertising idea:

And if you are sick of email spam, here's a list of some of the people who are sending it to you.

#1 in a new series: Blog of the week:

Dishwashing 101 (sigh!)

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