Tuesday, February 20, 2007

ICT making a Difference

Great to see the Blogs up and running. Remember we can link to a web page if you want to add a photo album. That would involve me uploading the photos to our school website. If you wanted to be totally self sufficient you could use Flickr - create a class account and upload photos to there. Here are some Flickr instructions. And for more ideas on using Flickr in the classroom.

Some of you may have used Skype - the internet telephone service which can enable you to talk or videophone your friends across the internet free.

Here is an example of a class using skype to include a class member who has cancer and has to stay at home. A great example of using the technology to make a difference. Only takes 5 minutes......
inclusion video (right click - save target as then double click downloaded file)

We all know that learners need to learn - be taught - better search techniques and strategies. This web site has a wealth of information that will help you and your leaners towards information fluency.

More on searching. Jamie Mckenzie february article titled Putting an end to Topical Research. Jamie is always worth reading and pondering over.

Please remember to try and have a look at EPIC. Link and logon details are on the Intranet.

Question of the Week: What is mathematical about this cabbage type?

Blog if the week: Blog of proximal development - this post talking about passion based learning

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Rachel Boyd said...

What a fabulous info packed post!!! I especially enjoyed the links to ideas and uses for Flickr in the classroom.

Cheers for a great blog, I am so glad I stumbled upon it today!

Cheers, Rachel (from Nelson)