Monday, April 02, 2007

Global Warming

With next term's inquiry coming up, don't forget to use the EPIC resources which can cover anything from Encyclopedia Britannica online to world periodicals like National Geographic and New Scientist. You can't afford to ignore this information source:

EPIC (Login details on Intranet Page)

Speaking of global warming.... there are a couple of interesting houses here. One belongs to George Bush, the other to Al Gore. I wonder which is more eco friendly??

I wonder what they do with their pastic bags. Maybe they don't use any:

More Wellesley Global Warming Sites

This New Zealand history site provides history by date. Would be a useful thing to use with your smartboard:

Youtube for teachers! Worth a look to see what sort of videos are being posted by teachers for teachers.

A Blog aimed at teachers, focussing on the next generation of learners:

A social network for teachers! Classroom 2.0 -

The World in A4 Paper: How can anyone be so creative with just a plain bit of A4 paper????

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