Friday, June 08, 2007

ICT Learning Challenges #3 - Digital Photos

Using your Smartboard.

This teacher has used the record feature of the smartboard so that her children can create small videos of maths strategies - then posted them to Youtube. Could be a powerful tool for creating learning animations...... (If you can't see the embedded video, click here.)

What is this? (answer below)

Digital Photos.

Extract from the Infinite Thinking Machine Blog:

Marzano's (2001) strategies for increasing student achievement are important in Visalia (and in many other districts), so we discussed ways digital cameras (and Picasa) could be used to support several of these research-based strategies, including the following:

  • Ask students to compare or classify images.
  • Ask students to delete, edit, or re-order images to facilitate analysis of the information at a deep level.
  • Create a slide show to recognize student effort, achievement, and mastery.
  • Create a slide show to illustrate time-sequence, or cause-effect patterns.
  • Use images to document individual and group accountability - or to facilitate group reflection.
  • Use images to support “corrective” feedback. (The instant nature of digital
    images – and means of sharing digital images – can facilitate timely

  • Use images taken with your digital camera as cues and advance
In preparation for the workshop I also combed the web for inspirational ideas using digital cameras and Picasa in the classroom. I offered the participants a list of a dozen ideas:

  1. Slideshows for Back to School Night or Open House

  2. Slideshows of Performances, Celebrations, Assemblies, or Field Trips

  3. Photo Yearbooks (For a school, a class, or a club!)

  4. Photo Journalism, Documentaries, or Dramatizations

  5. Time Lapsed Photography (Especially in science!)

  6. Class Books (Think big books!)

  7. Story Books (“Digital Story Telling”)

  8. How-To Guides (Address non-fiction standards!)

  9. Exercises in Classifying, Categorizing, or Compare and Contrast.

  10. Photos as Anticipatory Sets, Writing Prompts, or Review

  11. Document Learning (Great for parent conferences!)

  12. Photo Portfolios (Can be used for student presentations, too!)

Other ideas for using digital photos in the classroom:

100 ways to use digital cameras in the classroom (Scholastic)

10 Tips for Taking great photos

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