Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ICT and Mathematics




Fantastic Maths site with games and (as you’d expect) illuminating activities for mathematicians of all ages. Some of the activities would be great for the smartboard. Highly recommended.

Remember that KnowledgeNet provides access to digital learning objects, and there’s plenty of maths ones there. Just log on, go to search and use a key word to search through the dlos. These respources are too good to ignore so have a look:


The main menu of the Wellesley maths pages has links to various interactive games and maths drill activities that some of us have used over the years. Again lot’s of these are great for a short, sharp smartboard session.

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Don’t forget the New Zealand website NZMaths:


Links to lots of useful classroom maths activities and resources. And I guess I should mention the Assessment Resource Banks:


Login information is easy to remember and ARB provides access to a wide range of assessment examples.


And, for the Smartboard:

This is hard to describe Universcale  - A site from Nikon that compares size from very very small to very very large. Would be good to use on the Smartboard.


A Virtual Keyboard: Play it on the smartboard. Simple but clever


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