Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 2010

After a bit of a rest, the ICT Blog is back!  First up a recap of the goals for the year, then some websites you might find useful. Don’t forget to use Interface. It seems to be written for teachers by teachers and has a wealth of ICT related information and links.

I am very interested in personal learning networks and how technology can facilitate learning in this way. Spend 3 minutes watching this video and ask yourself if this isn’t a good way to learn? It throws the old homework question out the door!

Some of the sites mentioned in the video:


Sites of the Month:

Edutopia article on using video in the classroom.

Video Collections:

Maths at the Movies…….

Video Collection Site – organised into subject areas.

Smartboard videos on the Smart youtube channel:


Online audio editor

Supermarket maths – which queue is the quickest

Powerpoint to Youtube conversion tool – display your class powerpoints on Youtube.

 Train your brain. Set up an account and watch yourself improve! 


Goals for the Year (and progress from last year!)

  • Provided upgraded wireless access point management ( Thanks to the parents assn.)
  • Placed more content on KnowledgeNet
  • Rolled out student KnowledgeNet logins and training to Year 4 to Year 6
  • Implemented Parents portal to KnowledgeNet.   166 caregivers now have logins.
  • Implemented online roll marking
  • PAT Data entered in PCschool system
  • Migrated PCSchool to stand alone server
  • PCschool database changed to faster .sql software
  • Provided full broadband solution for 2010
  • Upgraded server software for 2010 ..
  • Mobile netbook trolley for 2010
  • All computer switches 1GB
  • Web and mail filtering in house
  • All school computers to be standardised on Windows 7 for 2010

What’s happening this year …..

  • More assessment data provided to PCSchool
    • Basic facts
    • ICAS Achievements
    • Curric Levels/ national standards inf
  • Use of KnowledgeNet for class planning/teaching/communication
    • Development of Parent Portal
  • Continued use of KnowledgeNet or Blog for communication and publication
  • Wider use of internet as a learning tool – Faster internet connection
  • Extended use of PCSchool Spider as an admin tool
  • Integration of Smartboards as a classroom tool
  • Use of video in classroom programs

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