Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Quick Links for Term 3 Week 5

First of a number. I get a lot of interesting stuff through my personal learning network. Here’s a quick sample which you can access through this email or through the ICT and Learning Blog



Great little blog from Tahatai Coast School Year 2 Class. There are some interesting Ipad apps used here….

Pounamu is a free, online NZ game set in a future world. Register now to play Pounamu on the 29th and 30th August

Anyone using rubric generators? These 3 Rubric Makers That Will Save You Time And Stress

Do rubrics stifle creativity?

Use the free Flickr photo storage site and the free photo editing tools embedded in the site.

Blog site of a NZ quadblogging school --- Melville Int in Hamilton

Try dividing 1 by 998001. Always good for a discussion

Learning with Minecraft. here are some ways you could integrate Minecraft into your classroom planning

A selection of hand made slow motion science videos:

Visual Poetry: Creating word clouds using an Ipad

Ipad animator:

A guide to Free Image collections on the Web:

Searching intelligently with Wolfram Alpha.

Web Tool of the week – Pinterest – 20 ways it can be used in a library

The future of learning. Interesting graphic….


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