Friday, July 28, 2006

Podcasts and Websites

First of all it would be great to have some comments on Post 2 - or rather some of the material in it. I will try to post to this blog once a week with a mixture of information which may be useful to you.

The link below will download a podcast from Nine to Noon where Katherine interviews an Australian Author (sorry, I've temporarily forgotten her name) who is critical of the way we dissect writing into various genre. She feels it has had a negative effect on creative writing. Worth a listen....

Click to Download Podcast

Go on - give it a go! You could do some marking while you listen.

Now - Web sites of the week.........

Children's Literature site specialising in classic literature.

Very good movie making site.

Or this site which give you ways to use the free software Photo movie .

Last week we talked about Flikr - the shared photo website.

And, if you want to download Google Earth click here.

Enough for this week.



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