Friday, August 04, 2006

PC Schools

Friday again! The 3 days spent at the PCSchools conference were an invaluable in-depth time which gave me a much better grasp of what the software is able to do and how we can best use it.

In the next few weeks I'll input 2006 standardised test results and install a web based browser for staff access. This browser has a simpler, more direct interface which will mean it's quicker to access student information, print class reports, input and access assessment data etc.

Some websites for this week. We've been talking about blogs..... there's a bit of a blog war going on in the Middle East - the good thing about blogs is that no-one gets hurt:

  • On the Face -- Lisa Goldman, a 39-year-old Canadian-born Israeli in Tel Aviv
  • LebaneseBloggers -- Raja, who recently got his master's degree at Johns Hopkins and returned to Baltimore after being in Beirut for the beginning of the bombing
  • PerpetualRefugee -- A Lebanese executive with a multinational corporation
  • On the Edge -- Ami Ben-Basset, an Israeli writer

Have a look at the updated Drama NZ website:

Perhaps the best Vincent van Gogh Website:

I don't suppose Vincent had Lego in mind:

How about some Jackson Pollock:

Middle Ages study? Search the Domesday Book:

Need homework ideas? try some anagrams:

I mentioned Flickr before. Classroom idea from Flickr - Digital story telling - tell a story with 5 photos. Have a look at the Flickr version: You could use Moviemaker of Powerpoint to present them.........

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