Monday, August 07, 2006

Websites Blogs and Podcasts

First a puzzle. Look at the picture and tell me what you think it is. It is a magnification, and it may help to know that the image is calle vc. Answers here!

Websites, blogs and podcasts:

Mathcasts aka maths movie are whiteboard animations of maths processes. Worth a look:

This is a Wikipedia site which summarises the popularity of social networking websites like Bebo and MySpace

Interesting blog entry on the use of video games in the classroom.
And the podcast of the above including investigating the interface between the classroom and the information landscape.

Worth a look - allegedly the world's largest online library:

This podcast features audio from the Annika Small’s talk entitled ” How can technology transform the way people learn?”. This talk was partof limited’s “So what’schanged?” event, held at theWentworth Sofitel Hotel, Sydney Australiaon August 4th, 2006.

And put Library week in your diary (18 to 24 September)

Not to mention the fact that this week is maths week.

And finally, are we heading this way? The PE teacher who forbids running as it's too dangerous.



Anonymous said...

Lots of great info & I really like the layout & presentation. Excellent - keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Just trying my first attempt at replying - site fantastic - thanks Ross!

Rebecca said...

The mathscasts are great, especially the kid's ones. Do we have programmes that can our kids could use to do similar things? Would be a unique way of doing assessment - the kids could make a short mathscast demonstrating their knowledge of how to solve specific types of problems!

Je Lan said...

Great blog. Congratulations and thank you. Fantastic resources - and I'm not even a teacher! Article on risk aversion in PE (no running because it's too dangerous ...)is salutary stuff - lucky we don't have the litigious environment the U.S. has, but maybe having too PC an environment is bad enough! Mathscasts is awesome - thanks for identifying it. Looking forward to revisiting - often. Thanks again.

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