Sunday, August 20, 2006

Reflective Weblogs

Well done those who picked velcro as the mystery picture in Post 5 - absolutely spot on!

This week: Reflective Weblogs in the Classroom

Have you ever thought of using blogs in your class programme as a means of reflection? Reading log? These sites have information about classroom blogs:

The Western Australian Dept of Ed has this Weblogs in the Classroom site:

On Thursday Nigel Horrocks talked about blogs on Nine to Noon. Here is a podcast of what he had to say. Put it on your Ipod and listen on the way home!

If you are interested in getting your students to try weblogging as a writing genre, talk to me and I will help you get it set up.

Jamie McKenzie's latest article builds on his idea of the "Slam Dunk Lesson." In this he takes you through using digital resources to create a slam dunk lesson aka structured learning activity. These are a great way of using digital resources with plenty of scaffolding to support learners.

And the websites of the week?

Add (!) this site to your maths numeracy drill sites. Easy to follow maths games and activities.

Speaking of maths, Sudoku is a good warm up activity. Try this site for daily children's sudoku at various levels. Download puzzle as adobe acrobat, then select copy and paste...
The parent website has adult Sudoku:
And, if that's too easy, try Samurai Sudoku

Finally: Diary of Tech Supporter
Tuesday morning - seemed like a pretty normal day.
Phone call from John - can't get remote access to work - will work on that.
Notice that some computers are not logging on
Boys from Year 8 arrive complaining that computers in classroom are not logging on.
Check servers - all appear to be normal.
Check switches - all appear to be working, but decide one must be causing the problem.
Isolate the switch and reboot it.
Still not working.
Call switch supplier to organise a replacement unit.
Visit classroom to move access point to different switch.
Check mobile trolley - notice strange arrangemant of utp cables: Printer cable goes to access point. Other cable goes from wall socket to wall socket thus creating a loop to the switch. Hmmm.
Route cables correctly
Switch works correctly

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